Property Refurbishment in Lewisham, Bexleyheath and the South East London Area


Have you been looking for a professional building and construction company to assist you with a property refurbishment? Accuracy Developments Ltd can bring experience to the job through a team of builders and manual trades who have a broad range of skillsets and a reputation to match. Starting from just one room but with the capacity to refurbish an entire property, there are plenty of good reasons to choose us for bringing your creative visions to life.

Accuracy Developments Ltd, located in Westerham, can offer a property refurbishment service in each of these surrounding areas:

Bexleyheath | Bromley | Chislehurst | Lewisham

We also cover all locations across South East London.

Compared to a home renovation, a property refurbishment is less intensive as far as the required work is concerned. Refurbishments focus on small-scale property maintenance and repair work, addressing issues that have left your home, or your commercial building, looking less attractive than it did in days gone by. Retrofitting is also a key aspect of a refurbishment project.

With a keen attention to detail and a team of trades with the ability to offer a complete in-house service, Accuracy Developments Ltd is a company that people trust to restore and revive living space at a fair, competitive price.

Planning a Property Refurbishment

Before committing to property refurbishments, or to the services of a building and construction company, you should take the time to consider all options and to prepare for the work that follows. Setbacks can impact timescales and have a knock-on effect on your budget. Because we cover South East London as project management specialists, we can assist you with everything from the initial planning all the way through to signing off the finished job.

We would ask you to think about the following:

  • Which elements of the property you would like to improve?
  • Are there specific rooms in need of refurbishment?
  • Is the living experience the most important thing to you?
  • How important is it to increase your property’s resale value?
  • Will any of the required work need local authority approval?
  • What is your timeline for refurbishing and what is your budget?

When you choose our builders and manual trades for property refurbishment services, you benefit from a wider range of skillsets which can also cover any carpentry, joinery, electrical, plumbing or heating needs you might have.

Having every service needed supplied by a single building and construction company makes life easier for you and minimises potential disruption.

Our property refurbishment services include:

  • Full initial site survey including structural engineering reports
  • Modernising the build using innovative materials and systems
  • Remodelling the kitchen space and the bathroom space
  • Carpentry and joinery work to include feature installations
  • Electrical, plumbing and heating work to all current codes
  • Replacing floors, tiles, doors, windows and timber framework
  • Plastering, rendering, waterproofing, painting and decorating
  • Hard and soft landscaping elements added to include fencing

By organising a property refurbishment for a home in Bexleyheath, Bromley, Chislehurst, Lewisham or the South East London area, you are investing into the future and increasing your portfolio’s value. A refurbishment can revive the interior and add curb appeal to the exterior so, if you decide to sell at a later time, our craftmanship will add welcome value to the asking price.

All workmanship comes guaranteed, we honour material warranties, and our builders and trades address any snags found on a no-quibble basis.

For property refurbishments in Bexleyheath, Lewisham and South East London, call our building and construction company on 07825 600471.